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All Stretched Out - crochet organizer basket

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Last month I designed the All Rounded Up and All Squared Up; my Shape inspired storage basket patterns. I just couldn't stop! This one is a elongated oval inspired pattern - All Stretched Out!

This Pattern was intended to feature in the Christmas Blog Hop hosted by Susanna of Fosbas Designs. I'm thankful for the opportunity of this feature, that gave me the nudge I needed to expand the Shape Series of Basket patterns.

SKILL Level – Easy

About Pattern: All Stretched Out is a quick to make basket pattern that will be perfect to store knick-knacks and odd-bits including Crochet hooks!!! Worked up from a base with no join – this basket works up very quickly and can be easily modified to customize the size and depth of the baskets.

This Pattern is a part of the Quick Christmas Makes Blog HOP hosted by Susanna of Fosbas Designs.

This #bloghop is themed with Quick to make patterns that will work as perfect Christmas Makes and Gift Ideas

Download this pattern pdf for FREE

With simple and basic crochet stitches, this can be a wonderful pattern for quick return gifts and is a best seller in craft fairs.

When: 31st October, 2022

Code valid for 24 hours starting 08:00 BST.


How: Get the CODE from the Round-Up (Day 8) on the ROUNDUP BLOG linked on the button below. This gives you the code for this Pattern, and a preview of all the other patterns available in this Pattern blog hop!

If you got the Code, scroll down to STEP 2 to Download the pattern!


Just click on the button below. Add the Pattern 'All Stretched Out' to your Ravelry cart. Use the CODE to get the Pattern free.


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Make them as colorful as you want. It's an awesome gifting idea! 💕

All Stretched Out is a part of a design series. Watch the space for more such crafty projects in the coming days.

Keep Crafting ❤️

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