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Granny Knots 'n' Crosses - a game of Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe, or as my mom taught me, knots & crosses - is stuff of childhood. Am sure we have all played it at some point or another. This one is a simple Granny Square version of a travel friendly game of Tic - Tac - Toe.

It started with a last minute gift I needed to make for a Birthday girl, and I came across various versions. Given the time constraint, the quirky crafter in me, found a shortcut to achieve this. I've made several color and yarn versions of this over the last couple of years and it's been a top ordered gift as a #custommade gift with SaiASmi - Dreamz in Yarn.

Granny Stitch is very fun to play with!

Here is another fun pattern from SaiASmi - Dreamz in Yarn this holiday season; one easy enough to sit back and crochet quick and cozy.

SKILL Level – Easy

About Pattern: The game consists of block of Granny squares put together with granny stripe join at the end to make the outer circumference. The tokens use surface crochet over a simple disc.

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A quick and fun way to put Granny Squares together to make a pretty gift or fun makes for Craft Fairs.

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I had fun designing this! I wish it bring the same joy and fun with your crafting!

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Lets Get Started:


● Yarn of choice: Any yarn of choice, in two colors. Some extra scrap yarn for tassels (decorative)

In my featured projects, I have used Rangoli Arte by Ganga Acrowools and 4 ply acrylic yarn from Pradhan Embroidery stores.

Rangoli Arte has a gradation color in the yarn which makes for a fun choice!

Color 1 (for the base, surface crochet and tie up thread) and Color2 for trim, joining and base of tokens)

● Crochet hook - preferred hook that works with chosen yarn. I have used a 3.5 mm hook.

● Stitch Markers, scissors and a needle to finish up.

Gauge: N/A

PLEASE NOTE - According to the gauge/yarn/ hook used, the size and stiffness of the project may vary.

Custom instructions, if any, will be highlighted.

Stitches used: US crochet terms

ch - chain dc – double crochet

sc – single crochet BLO – Back loop only

PLEASE NOTE: ch3 counts as dc and ch5 counts as dc+ch2


Task 1 - Granny Square Panels:

We will Make 9 Granny squares that will form panels of the base.

These squares will be joined together to form the bigger square for the game.

INSTRUCTIONS to make the 9 squares:

  • Using Color 1 make a Magic Circle/ ch 4 and slip stich into the first chain to form a circle.

  • Round 1: ch 5 (ch3 + dc),

(3dc + ch2) * 3times

2dc and slip stitch to the 3rd chain of beginning ch 5 to join.

  • Round 2: Sip stitch into the next ch2 space

ch 5 (ch3 + dc) 3dc,

[ch1 , (3dc + ch2 +3dc) in the corner ch2 space } * 3times

Ch 1, 2dc in the beginning corner and slip stitch to the 3rd chain of beginning ch5 to join.

  • Round 3: Sip stitch into the next ch2 space

ch 5 (ch3 + dc) 3dc,

[ch1 , 3dc in the ch1 space from round 2, ch 1, (3dc + ch2 + 3dc) in the corner ch2 space] * 3times

Ch 1, 3dc in the ch1 space from round 2 , ch 1, 2dc in the beginning corner and slip stitch to the 3rd chain of beginning ch 5 to join.

Cut the Yarn with a long enough tail and weave in the ends.

Task 2 – Granny Strip to Join the outer circumference.

· Using Color 2 Join in the the corner ch2 space of any of the corner Granny Squares

· ch 5 (ch3 + dc) 3dc,

o **(ch 1, 3dc in next space) * 2 times **

o Ch1, (2dc in the next corner space)

Now Joining the second square:

o Pick up the square next to it and 2dc in the corner space.

o Repeat ** to **

Now Joining the third square:

o Pick up the square next to it and 2dc in the corner space.

o Repeat ** to **

o Ch1, (3dc + ch2 + 3dc in the next corner space)


REPEAT the above instructions to join the base around the circumference as shown in the figure.

· For the last repeat, (3dc + ch2 +2dc into the corner space we started with and slip stitch to join to the 3rd chain of beginning ch5).

· Fasten off and weave in the tails.

NOTE: The square in the middle will be joined in the next segment.

Joining the Tiles/Squares

Using Color 2 and Holding the adjacent squares Wrong side together - Slip Stitch into the inner (back loops only) to join them together.

Alternatively: you can use any joining method you personally prefer instead, like sewing them together or sc along the sides, using both loops etc. Any Granny Square joining method will work.

Fasten off and weave in ends after all the joins are done as in picture.

The chord to tie:

· Using Color 1, make a crochet chain long enough to cover all sides of the Base and make about 40-50 chains extra.

· Weave in the chord through the spaces of the circumference – starting at one corner and working your way back to it. This creates the pull string pouch.

· Add tassels to the ends (decorative) if you want to.


We will make 5 tokens of each kind.

to make a total of 10!

Using Color 2, make 10 Tokens.

· Make a Magic Circle/ Ch 4 and slip stich into the first chain to form a circle.

· Ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch), 8 sc into the loop. Place marker on the 1st sc of this round. (8sc)

· Do not join. Crochet around starting at the first sc made.

· Starting with the marked stitch, 2sc* into each sc of first round. (16 sc)

· Starting with marked stitch, (Sc in one stitch and 2sc in the next) around. Again. Remember to move the marker to the first stitch of this round. (24 sc)

· Slip stitch into the marked stitch and all other stitches around and join to the marked stitch at the end.

· Fasten off and weave in the tails.

Surface Crochet the ‘knots’ and ‘crosses’

Using Color 1 and surface crochet technique, stitch the make the markings as shown.

Fasten and cut the yarn and sew the tails in.

Make them as colorful as you want. It's an awesome scrap-tastic project 💕

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Keep Crafting ❤️

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