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All Triangulated - Let's make shapes!

Updated: Jan 19

I love all things Math; I'm all about shapes and geometry. Seeing the pattern and repeating is what I love doing.

The pattern featured here shows how to make a basket for knick-knacks. It is a pattern PDF with instructions and picture tutorial of how to convert a regular amigurumi base into a Triangular Basket.

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The Base is worked using 12 ply/Bulky Yarn

  • The sides of the basket are worked with worsted/DK weight yarn held together with the Bulky yarn.

  • The Two tones sides, add to highlight the sides of the basket and also additional sturdiness.

It's super fun and if you do like playing with shapes, you can check the All Shaped Up e-book (4 shapes - 4 Patterns) in my Ravelry Store!

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All Triangulated Pattern is a part of the Crochet Skill Building Blog Hop, hosted by Tasha of @StardustCrochet - that runs from Jan1st - 31st , 2024.

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Q?! So What's Amigurumi style of crochet? What am I talking about you ask?

Amigurumi is a technique of shaping yarn into small objects/ toys/ animals etc. using knit/crochet stitches.

Amigurumi using crochet - here the stitches are made in a continuous round, moving from one round to the other without joining at the end of each round. In this case, we use a 'marker' to tell us where the new round starts. Thus

helping us keep track as we move from round to round!

ALL TRIANGULATED - is a pattern where we convert a crochet single crochet base made in multiples of 6, using the amigurumi technique to move from one round to the next.

This Base is then shaped to a Triangle. This is what is used to build the basket.

Let's learn shapes, in fun crochet way!

Here is another quick-to-make pattern from SaiASmi - Dreamz in Yarn!

Featured on Day 18 of Crochet Skill Building Blog Hop 2024 hosted by Tasha Margette of @StardustCrochet

SKILL Level – Easy

About Pattern: Its a simple pattern working in the round (Amigurumi way) for the base. When we get to the wall of the basket, it's worked in round and slip stitch to join after each round. The work is turned to work the pattern on Wrong Side/ Right Side as alternatively.

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Where can you find my other Patterns?

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Keep Crafting ❤️

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