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So what's cooking up in 2023?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

2023 has been a slow start, or rather a diminished online presence. There has been a lot going on crochet/knit wise in the background.

A bulk creation of amigurumi had had me occupied for a few months now - the pictures and videos of the same will be shared soon. My process and adjustments when making the bulk order will need a whole write up by itself!! 😆. #watchthespace

What else you ask?

Working on 2 designs: a knit blanket and a crochet pattern that is an extension of 'Granny with a Twist' series of patterns - ETA March, 2023.

Pattern 1: The Knit Blanket is a bulky yarn pattern for quick robust blanket, with a few custom options.

The yarn I'm using will be Ganga Motu, procured from

The yardage, and finished size and details coming up soon... fingers crossed :)

Pattern 2 coming up is a crochet pattern will be a play on shapes to further the series and would love to see your favorite from Part 1 of the series. You can see the series patterns up on the blog - links added below. Click on the collage to go right to where you can get them all together as an e-book!

GRANNY WITH A TWIST - is my version of Versatile Granny stitches to give it a unique perspective. This Bundle/e-book has 4 amazing patterns that are fun to make and make beautiful gifts and decoration.

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