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Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe - New Pattern

Updated: Jan 16

Christmas is a very special time of the year for all of us. It's the season of cheer joy! As a crafter, this season brings it's own buzz and busy time. So here is a Christmas pattern round up - a 21 pattern bundle - Gift Galore 2023, so you can get this bundle well in advance to help you prepare for the season!

These patterns are also being offered as a FREE download, one featured pattern each day! The Gift Galore Blog Hop is being hosted by our very Pam Carroway of Carroway Crochet.

Here is a seasonal offering from SaiASmi - Dreamz in Yarn. Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe.

Scroll Down to know how to get the PDF Version for this pattern FREE!


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About the pattern: This pattern is a fun piece featuring a Filet base and cute tokens in a Christmas theme! A tree with stars and little gifts!

Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun game that always reminds me of childhood. Its a fun and ingenious was to pass time during a wait, or just have some quality bonding time.

My kids love this game too and hence this Christmas season, we have a new fun way to spread the joy!



This Pattern is a more basic Granny Stitch version of Tic-Tac-Toe.

The pattern is available for FREE on my blog. You could get the Ad Free PDF in my store on Ravelry.

The current pattern - Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe is being featured on DAY 4 of Gift Galore 2023 Bundle/Blog Hop. The event is being hosted by @carrowaycrochet

The Design collective offers a free download of the featured pattern from November 1st -21st, 2023.

Each day one Design and it's designer will be featured on the Round up Blog over at Pam's blog. Check the featured Design and head over to the linked designer's blog post to download the pattern for FREE!

This Blog hop gives you access to easy make pattern for the gifting season as a FREE download. Each day, a featured pattern is updated and the link to the designer's blog.

21 Patterns by 18 Designers

All 21 patterns will be featured as a BLOG HOP, featuring one pattern a day. you can follow our round-up link on our host's webpage (Scroll down for links) and check in each day to see the feature and get the details to get the featured pattern for FREE.

Every designer in this collaboration is a talented and respected #indiedesigner who has graciously agreed to offer up their patterns for this event. If you'd prefer not getting on a blog hop, or would want to show your appreciation for the designers, you could purchase all 21 patterns as a PATTERN BUNDLE. A one time purchase and download will give you access to all the patterns at one go!

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GIFT GALORE 2023 BUNDLE - 21 Patterns for just $9.99


Here's how you can get the patterns!

  • Make sure to follow the round-up blog and check in every day @ 11 am EST.

  • The CODE to get the featured pattern of the Day for free and the daily links will be updated. The code and pattern offer will be available for 24 hours only!

  • Everyday, starting November 1st, 2023, the designer collective of GIFT GALORE 2023 will feature one Designer and their pattern.

  • The Featured Patterns will be FREE to download using the provided CODE and be clearly updated on the ROUND-UP blog post on our host Pam's webpage linked below.

DAY 4 of the BLOG HOP features the CHRISTMAS TIC-TAC-TOE - use the CODE from the Round-up Blog post and apply it to the CART to get the pattern PDF for Free.

The CODE is valid only from 11am EST on November 4th, 2023 to 10:59am EST on November 5th, 2023.

Where to get the CODE: - The Return to Blog button, incase you missed it above!

PLEASE NOTE: Do ensure the CODE and discount is applied correctly and reflects on the patterns in the cart. Any Payment initiated due to wrongly applied code or faulty purchases while applying code cannot be reimbursed.

Help us help you, by being vigilant and checking the codes properly when checking out the patterns in the store cart!

The designers may have more offers or discounts on their respective blogs for their Feature Days. So do keep an eye out for the offers on each of the designers' blog posts!

Scroll Down to get the PDF Version for this pattern FREE on subscription.

ALSO avail 30 % OFF on all patterns by SaiASmi - Dreamz in Yarn on RAVELRY!


YARN: Any DK Weight yarn about 40-50 yards.

I have used DK Cotton by YARNKART in the featured project. approximately 60 yards.

Please note: You can use any suitable and preferably Cotton yarn for the project.

This is where you can avail the yarn mentioned above:

I'd love to know the various yarn you would use/recommend for this project, so please do leave a comment below:

I'd appreciate it ❤️

SIZE: The Basic Coaster (Featured Green) measure 7.5*10 inches. The tokens will be a size appropriate to the base.

  • The Base is worked in rows using double crochet popcorn stitches. The technique of filet crochet is used to design it.

  • The base may be slightly warped and could be shaped by blocking the piece to make it a perfect rectangle as needed.

  • The Star Token is adapted from the TINY STAR Pattern by Hooked by Robin. The token is worked in a single round around the magic circle.

  • The tiny Gift pattern is a quick make and the step by step instructions to make and embellish it is included within the pattern.

Please note: The yarn and hook size, along with the crochet tension can make you projects size vary.

Here are some more festive Digital patterns available in my web store:

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ALSO avail 30 % OFF on all patterns by SaiASmi - Dreamz in Yarn on RAVELRY!


How can you say Thank you for the pattern!

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It always encourages us and inspires a designer to do more!

Personally, I love to hear from you :)

Where can you find my other Patterns?

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Carol Nishimura
Carol Nishimura
Nov 04, 2023

I tried downloading today's Christmas Tree Tic-Tac-Toe with coupon MERRY and it claims that it has already been used. But I haven't been able to download it at all. Is there another link I may use. Thank you, Carol

Annie Millett
Annie Millett
Nov 04, 2023
Replying to

I had the same problem. 😒

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