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Wee wee wee.. all the way home!!!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Our bookclub read Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie, this month. A Poirot mystery through and through. What inspired me is the the nursery rhyme he thinks of.. when he realises the characters around the murder case. 'Five little piggies'

Book review

This little piggy went to the market.

This little piggy stayed at home.

This little piggy had roast.

This little piggy had none..

And this little piggy went ...

....wee wee wee...

..all the way home!

This piggy made it's way home to my BFF.. who is a huge Agatha Christie fan.

I did check out a lot of patterns for this and this one called out to me the most. The pattern can be found at the blog Fukurou Crafts

Yarn used is Vardhaman Cottone in peach for the amigurumi and AKC black for the embroidery.

Hook: 2mm Softgrip from Pony Stores

This was a quick make and the best part was my DD loved it but made sure she gave it to my BFF with all the love in her heart. Their bond makes me fuzzy.. and am happy my craft could make that moment happen ❤️❤️

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