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The Season of Doilies is here!


My love for Doilies started around the beginning of 2017. I made a couple of patterns, free patterns available on the internet. This was just to add a few to my Display stall, in January. I was amazed at how addictive they can be!

What is a Doily, per say?

Well, am sure we all have seen them. We might know them by different names, more often than not under a vase that graced a coffee/dining table. These delicate and pretty items have existed and were widely used extensively by our older generations to add a dainty touch to small corners of a home! A doily, starts at the center and spirals out, increasing the number of stitches as we ‘grow’ out. The patterns can vary to give us a textured or simple centers to a boxed/rounded edging at the end.

Going by my new-found love, I joined a couple of CALs this year (my first experience with Crochet Alongs) and the experience has been amazingly insightful.

The first was a Crochet Along for Grace Fearon’s pattern ‘Evelyn’ in June. This amazing textured doily was completed in just over 2 weeks. For those fellow crocheteers, who are interested in purchasing the pattern ONLY. The pattern is available for sale on Grace Fearon’s Ravelry page. The link will take you to her page.


This made me jump in on a second Crochet Along and giveaway by Crochet Mon Cherie. A Simply Squared doily CAL. This lasted for a couple weeks, and my entry was almost last minute. This was an amazing CAL pattern and I just had to take part in this 🙂

The Simpy Squared doily pattern, can be customized to any size and the pattern (was free for duration of the CAL), is available on Crochet Mon Cherie’s Ravelry page and Crochet Mon Cherie ETSY page.


This turned out just sooper lucky for me. As it turned out, I was one of the winners on the Giveaway and hence got her new pattern and a pattern of choice from her store 🙂

I will follow up on another blog entry about the other patterns of Crochet Mon Cherie.. Simply Starred, Cream of Wheat and Golden Tulip doily.

Doily making is fun, therapeutic and amazingly satisfying. They make awesome gifts for the Festive Season and add an additional cheer and festive decor!

You can find my work on my Facebook page SaiASmi – Dreamz in Yarn.

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