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One square?? at a time…

I seem to have fallen into the ‘Granny-trap’ 😁.. Well I do love crocheting granny squares, but it has been a long long time since I sat down to make them. They sure have a way of sneaking in, on you and taking over your mind 😉. The colors combinations, the repeated instructions and the sheer speed that you work with.

It started with me testing the #blushbabyblossomblanket (pattern now for sale in her Ravelry store -linked), for @appleblossomdreams that required me to make some as per the design requirements.. And it got me back to the comfort zone of crocheting after a long foray into knitting over the last few months.. Giving my wrists a welcome break 😄

And then came Astri’s (@appleblossomdreams) #appleblossomdreamafghan (pattern now for sale in her Ravelry store -linked), in the form of pentagon motifs. This needed me to make a required few to test the pattern and I was super excited to try them. It got done quickly.. Thanks to the clarity in pattern writing and wonderful picture instructions by the talented designer. Here goes my tested swatch for the same…

And does it end there… No, definitely not! Then the next #yarngoal for 2019 was kicked off, with a request from a dear friend. So here I am, attempting an African flower crochet cushion covers, for her 😃.

It’s amazing how many permutations and combinations are possible (did I just say that 😲.. And here I thought ti had forgotten school mathematics 😬).

Well the colors are lively and the fact that I get to make them is sooper fun! Stay tuned and conencted to see more of them and to see the completed project. Ways to connect remain the same… Linked to the pictures and below:

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