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Knitting goals – Testing times 😁

When a dear friend tagged me on a post calling for testers for Ira Rott’s upcoming pattern, I was super excited and signed up immediately. My joy was ultimate, when I heard back from her to test it!

This is an amazingly cute pattern that’s a must must try for anyone who loves knitting.

The pattern will soon be available at her Ira Rott – Ravelry and Ira Rott – Etsy stores (linked here).

The #irarottpattern is precise and concise to help one build the project bit by bit. Her pattern gives you the required techniques clearly explained, with ample pictorial representations. It’s a treat to work with for sure.

Here are some of my in-progress pics taken to document the test process.

Do drop in your views about this project and my makes here and also a word of encouragement at the linked profile for Ira Rott too!

Creativity blooms further when encouraged. Thank you for always being a support!

You can see my complete works and makes at SaiASmi – Dreamz in Yarn (facebook) or @rashmibinu_SaiASmi (Instagram)

Or follow #saiasmidreamzinyarn for updates on my makes on social media.

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