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OCEANUS VIBRANCE, 8th Sept, 2018!

A small step is that much more closer to your goal!

When I met a few friends in a crochet event, it seemed destined we would hit it off well. We seemed to bring out the more creative side of one another. Thus, #DiViNaRa was born. The four of us constantly challenging ourselves and encouraging each other has helped each of us grow leaps and bounds in creativity, strength and confidence! So firstly, Kudos to us 🙂

Sept 8th, 2018, marked our first collaborative creative display by three of us. It’s been something we have been considering for a while now. So working toward it, was a fun, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhilarating process. Here are some of our individual highlights, that made our display a success.

3 cheers for us: Rashmi (#saiasmidreamzinyarn), Dina (@din.din.min) and Vimala & Varsha (the mum and dotter duo of @Vivacrochet).

A huge warm shout out to our 4th Musketeer (Nailah) who stayed in the background, but constantly encouraged us.

Silk thread crochet earrings, light and simple by #saiasmidreamzinyarn. Click on the picture to visit the page.

Embellished purses, slings and pouches. Simple, creative and elegant, just like the amazing woman who made them: Dina Sengupta (@din.din.min on instagram).

Designs by VivaCrochet… you can download(some free)/purchase patterns from their RAVELRY store. Click on the picture for store link.

Leave us a like, a comment in our pages, and instagram. It sure will inspire us to create more!

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