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my crochet love affair


….though i dint know if i would even have a girl… as all of us living in this part of the globe know, it is custom that we do not make clothes in advance for a new baby.. but that day i threw caution to wind.. convinced my dear hubby that im making it coz i love the design and promised him tht i wouldnt be dissappointed if i couldnt use it (in case i had a boy) 😛 .. and started making it.. with my own color twist.

Guess my heart was so full of love while making the dress, that i had my lil prayer answered and was blessed with a sweet lil angel .. just 3 days after i completed it!

She has therefore been my inspiration to revive my hobby of crochet and continues to be my muse.. by God’s grace.

#crochet #loveknot #solomonsknot

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