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Arche de fleurs planter holder - Crochet Pattern

Updated: May 11

I love my greenies. My green babies mean a lot to me and hence my constant tries to add my touch; to integrate my two loves of yarn and plants!

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My Inspiration: The flower at the base is a personal

go-to and has been a part of a couple of my Designs over time. When designing this for the Water colors Month - the colors I intended to use and the flower; they just were a perfect match!

Arche de fleurs is a minimum sew crochet pattern, that's quick to make and adds a lovely colorful design to your planters.

I personally do not like sewing much when working with crochet/knit projects. This is why when I design, my attempt is at 'no join' or 'no sew' patterns.

Materials used:

The pattern is made with a DK/heavy worsted weight yarn; preferably a blend that can hold the weight of the Planter and the contents of it.

I have used RANGOLI ARTE from Ganga Acrowools for the feature.

This yarn has a Yardage of approximately 255m for 100g.

Planter featured is a 11cm Planter from IKEA. The Design adapts to a slightly larger planter too - given the net like feature of the pattern that follows the Base flower!

Plant in the featured picture is a variant of Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum – a tropical vining plant)

What the PDF contains:

Pattern PDF consists of written instructions to make this planter hanger with pictorial help where required.

The project is quick to make and can be customized as you need with shades and colors. The pattern is customizable and adaptable. Follow the basic instructions.

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