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To all my creative friends

I just read a blog post by Nora Roberts about her fight with #plagiarism

Here is the blog I was referring to.

This shout out goes to all my blogger friends, who write fanfictions on IF, WordPress, Wattpad and other such forums. We have seen a recent spike in plagiarism in writing and as an avid reader of some wonderful writers, have seen then get demoralized and deleting their works, or closing/ restricting access as afterthought and then struggling to manage the huge number of requests for access, assessing real followers, mute readers and possible plaigarists.

Nora Roberts has been and is and will always be my most favorite author in her genre. I respect her works, as she is honest and her work portrays it. The efforts she puts into every plot, shows. I’m glad she has taken a stand and as readers, we draw strength to stand by the real creative efforts.

Apu, Anu, Meera, Shradha, Deepa, Sharadha, Sandy, Mirabell, Manita… U girls rock the FF writing scene and work honestly to accomplish the write ups. Take pride and fight for your honest work. Do not let such ugliness undernine your hard work. We, as readers stand by you. Rise from it and go on to do what you do best. Write, so the next time, if ever it happens, the world around will know your words and will fight right by you.

This does not stop at writing. We have seen this even in the crafting realm. Its a new fight every day. Buy stay strong and stay right. You can never go wrong in honest work. Stand tall and don’t hestitate to fight back for whats right and what’s rightfully yours.

Stay strong… Stay creative and keep smiling 😊


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