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Well… Fellow potterheads will sure understand the draw of anything remotely connected to the Harry Potter series and Hogwarts. There are many many such things I have cone across and have on my list to ‘to-make-once-atleast’. This sure was one of them and am super glad I could achieve the required result.

The Ron Weasely sweater from the movies! Well, I’m no Molly Weasley, to wave a wand and be accomplished in household spells.. But my knitting wands (needles) did assist me in whipping this up 😜. The wand chooses the wizard.. And the needles choose the knitter 😁.

Jokes apart… My task was to make a sweater inspired by the famous Ron sweater in Ravenclaw colors. I chose a blue and off white which seemed to work for both me and the client who ordered for it. As I set about hunting for the pattern, I came across many patterns. My main concern was sizing, than a pattern as such. Hence zoomed in on a Canadian living blog post and read thru the sizing and guage.

I agree, I didnt follow it word to word, made adjustments to suit my requirements. My yarn and needle size differed and using a calculated combinations of stitch counts and measurements, this is what was the final product.

The size is an Adult Small with a positive ease to give a comfortable baggy fit as required.

The size is an Adult Medium with a positive ease to give a comfortable baggy fit as required.

Base pattern Credit: Canadian Living

Intarsia tutorial credit – Creativebug

Letter design (self) #saiasmidreamzinyarn

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