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One ❤(square) at a time! – pattern: “Minus One day”

When after 5+ years of working with yarn and designing and just creating with yarn… Getting to learn two completely new techniques with this pattern, says it all!!! This is why, i love what I do 😍.

There is this designer, I follow on IG and have admited her patterns and makes, her yarn and amazing color combinations, for a long time. So when Ruth (@EveryDayYarnWorks) called for tester applications, yours truly jumped at the chance 😁

The pattern to be tested was her 50th pattern: the Minus One Day (Knitting Pattern can be purchased at her Ravelry Shop).

I offered to test a couple of squares, so that I can test the instructions, sizing, joining etc as basic minimum and started off..

I used a bit of my yarn I had handy, as I had just completed the African flower cushions. And added white on the outside on a whim. The effect was amazing.. And I just wanted to try another color!

Just one more.. I said… Just one more color.. 😁 .. And kept saying that with each square I finished! Before I knew it I was comitted to making it a baby blanket 😁😜.

16 squares in all.. A color spectrum.

Labor of love! Is what my Sonny boyo calls it (inspired by a Once Upon A Time episode we happened to be watching at that point 😂😂)

And then came the joining and border. I was apprehensive, about the time ot would take to pick up the stitches and then knit them round ( 500 sts) but the amazing techniques of the pattern make them super easy!

I did finish it in one sitting! And here is my “labor of love 😍”

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