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Here is to 6 months and 9 patterns on Ravelry!

As a crafter, one always seeks out patterns paid or free from the wide access called the internet and the various pattern websites like Ravelry, Etsy, Annie’s Crochet, LoveKnitting etc.

I set out writing patterns in the last Quarter of 2017, a small quirky little twist to a standard crochet pattern. Things steam rolled from there and within a couple of months, SaiASmi (Rashmi Binu Designs) had a few crochet patterns up on Ravelry and Etsy for sale. From there the foray into Knitting pattern writing, was a huge leap of faith, but liberating nonetheless.

So today to celebrate 6 months of pattern writing and creative freedom, I’m making a collage of my patterns available for free/sale on #ravelry #crochet #knitting #ravelrypattern


* Cornered by Shells – (paid pattern)

* Cornered by Shells_Rectangle – (paid pattern)

* Night Jasmine – free pattern

* Square Rangoli – (paid pattern)

* Stargaze Octagram – (paid pattern)

* Cypress Blossoms – (paid pattern)

* Incurvated – (paid pattern)


* Candy Drops Lace Knit Beanie – (paid pattern)

* Candy Drops Lace Knit Scarf – (paid pattern)

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