First knitting goal 2019!

I have always admired the awesome patterned and textured sock knits on Ravelry, pinterest and of late on Instagram. It’s always been on my to-do list, but seemed like a daunting task. I almost picked it up a year ago… But was a feeble plan that didnt take off. I have made slippers, many different kinds and booties too. This, however seemed an evasive project.

2019: A new year, decided to make this my knitting goal and pursue it. However tough, however messy, I was gonna try it. Just once, I told myself, and started.

Seemed ok, given that I had a few youtube tutorials to go by and my needle sizes and yarn differed from what the tutorials suggested. After some deliberation calculations, I proceeded with it and landed up with this!

I wanted to make them colorful.. I have always loved colorful socks and just cause I’m making them, didnt mean I should go easy on myself, does it? 😜

So here goes.. Challenge 1, goal # 1 for 2019 stands accomplished!

Watch the space for more of my knitting/ crochet goals for the year and more.

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