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Crochet Pattern: Night Jasmine – 2 toned flower.

The inspiration for this pattern came from the 6 petal flower by Erin Frick

I was making hair accessories and was struck by a thought of making it 2 toned. The pattern didnt allow for a 2 tone. Hence worked on similar lines and came up with these instructions. Its been a hit with the hair accessories I make, hope you like it too.

Please note: the link to original pattern that served as inspiration has been linked with designer’s name, after approval.

This pattern is a part of my design database on Ravelry. Please link back to my Ravelry link as source. You are free to use the pattern to make and sell the items you make using the pattern. But please do link back to the designer for pattern queries and and help fellow crocheters get recognition for their efforts 🙂

Materials needed: scrap yarn in two colors, appropriate crochet hook and a bead/stone of your choice.

Terms used:

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet


Ch4, slip stitch into last chain to form a ring.

1: with Contrast color -* sc, ch8, slip stitch into 5th chain from hook, ch3 *. Repeat * * 5 more times ( total of 6 spokes) and join to first sc. Fasten off and weave in the ends ( optionally you can weave into the stitch as you go to next step)

2: with Main color – (sc, ch 1, 5dc, ch1) in the loop, and sc into the ch5 loop, (ch1, 5dc, ch1, sc) on the other side of the other end of the first loop.

Repeat the above instructions around. Fasten off with a long tail for sewing the flower in.

Using a sewing needle, tread the yarn through the outer loops of (bottom) sc on either sides of the petal (to pull the flower at the middle). And fasten off. Decorate with a bead/stone/button of choice.

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