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Celebrating a sisterly Bond - #HandmadeStyle

A dear friend contacted me when I started posting my #handmadeRakhi online, asking if I had something that would have the endearment she calls her brother, 'Dada'. I didn't at that point, but that got me to a drawing board, intent on creating something special for her. #customRakhi #custommade

I started doodling with the word, and gave it a go, with #jewellerywire... leading to a basic wire word. This idea was an immediate hit with both of us, and just progressed further.

Building on it, I did consider hammering it out, to flatten/Harden/Strengthen the wire. However chose a different approach. Given that the letters had loops and layers, which may pull out of shape, I chose to #wirewrap them. This gave me a two-fold effect:

  • Strengthen

  • Decorative

The end product is what am very happy to present below. Celebrate #rakhi2021 #Handmadestyle

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