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And the love for Doily continues…

As promised,i’m back with my doily projects. This time I have 3 more completed doilies.

Firstly, its the Cream of Wheat Square by Crochet Mon Cherie. This was one of the patterns I won on the CAL giveaway by the designer. This intricate pattern started off as a curcular center and as it progessed, the stitches varied out to give it the shape of a square. It sure was a wonderful feeling to see it shape up. Well as all things delicate go, this needed special attention to stretch it out to the perfect shape. Hence started my ‘blocking’ attempts. And below is the resultant Square!

NOTE: Blocking is a process where the fabric (crochet/knit) is stretched out to give it the desired shape. This blocking can be sped along by steaming the blocked piece, or pre-dampening the piece and letting it dry while stretched.

The pattern for this doily is available for purchase in Ravelry – Crochet Mon cherie

The Next pattern I have ventured out with is ‘Simply Starred‘ again by Crochet Mon Cherie. The pattern has been linked.

About the pattern: this shapes up into a 5 pointed star and can be by choice left rounded, or stretched to a point as shown in my case. It’s perfect for a Christmas setting and am sure looking forward to making more of them. The last one I have for this chapter is another stunning beauty by Grace Fearon. This time its a stunner called Cassini (Ravelry link to the pattern).

A few lovely friends and I, we made a mini CAL out of this and enjoyed every phase of it! Well, mine is yet to be blocked, but here she goes!

Well, I loved this set, and am sure looking forward to making more. Please do leave your comments and suggestions, it aslways help us crafters better ourselves 🙂

For purchases and orders, you could INBOX/Message on my facebook page SaiASmi – Dreamz in Yarn.

Love, create and enjoy the beautiful things around you. See you soon with more from my adventures with yarn!

.. Rashmi

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