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Am Cornered by Shells!

A good friend, a fellow crocheter and I, we had a discussion a lazy Sunday afternoon. We were discussing a shells blanket pattern that she was making at that point. Having just completed a combined project ( C2C squares using standard dc), we wondered how easy it was making it that way. Starting at a corner and increasing till the required size is reached and then decrease. We both felt it would be faster to make a blanket/afghan square that way. And that was the beginning of this pattern.

The experience of writing this pattern has been an amazing one. Thanks to my small band of testers, and dear friends who kept giving me a soft nudge to get on with it and make a scribbled notepaper into a digital pattern.

This pattern Cornered by Shells, gives you just that. It is a generic Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet pattern in SHELLS!!!!! You can start at a corner with shell pattern and increase till the diagonal of the required size and then decrease. This pattern also gives you an incorporated smaller shell border.


Make a blanket, a potholder, a tablecloth, afghan sqaures (and join), just about anything square. The pattern is generic and can be used with any material and appropriate hook size. You can purchase this pattern at my Ravelry store and do not forget to link your finished projects to the pattern in Ravelry. I’d really love to see them 🙂

For finished products with this pattern (if you’d like to order), and for more of our customized crochet and knit products, Please to visit us @ Facebook: SaiASmi – Dreamz in Yarn

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