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The Moana challenge!

Well, every little girl seems to be smitten by Moana, Disney’s new symbol of courage and adventure. So when I was asked to make an inspired dress for a little princess, seemed like a daunting task. Well, I just had to try, so here goes my journey making this:

The completed dress!

Started out on the drawing board with measurements and color choices to match the theme and set out to design the bodice with crochet stitches that will suit Moana’s costume. This was the result.

The bodice in crochet.

Then came the tricky part. The mum insisted on a princess look on the skirt, converting it into a dress. So the layers were arranged to give that and stitched up. I had help from the most sweetest neighbor who stitched that all up for me. The bodice was then hand stitched onto the skirt/inner ensemble.

What I learnt from the experience:

*crochet stretches a bit, and the skirt was gonna pull it. So to counter-act that, the bodice was reinforced from inside with a set of crochet stitches from inner bodice to shoulder. This ensured that the stretch, tho present, will be minimum.

* and the biggest learning was that when you out your mind to it, anything is possible! Believe in yourself and out your best foot forward ♡♡♡


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