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The little red birdie…

When the little one signed up to be a part of a play.. this momma decided to be a bit inspired. This is my attempt at making a glittery little red birdie costume for her.

First thought process was to make a set out of cardboard and color papers. But that somehow didn’t ring well.. Knowing my little darling, it would be ripped in minutes. And she does love all things glitter💖, so a plain fabric was out of question… So this is what I chose to do.Matetials: glittery gauze, satin ribbons from #itsybitsy #madewithitsybitsy

With inputs from my dear and crafty friends. 🤗🤗🤗🤗.. And thanks to the recent glue gun – 101 (huge shout out thanks 🙏Aparna) … Taped the two sides and added ties…

Sonny boy offered to be the guinea pig for trials 😁. A red bill cap served for the head and as suggested by a friend, added a few strips of ribbon to the top to give it a ‘birdie’ look… 😁

Did it work, no clue.! I’d sure like to hear from you! One thing was for sure though….the little darling loved it.. And thats the most satisfying thing ever!😍


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