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Missing in action??

Lolz.. Not really… Been in action! The last few months have been crazy with custom sweaters and travel and foray into beads and wires.

To wind up my pending #goal2019, I finally gathered courage to learn and experiment in the art of wire, beada and jewellery making. This opened a whole new world of possibilities which has kept me occupied and distracted when a break was needed. Here are some things I learnt over the time period that I was ‘missing in action’!

Do lemme know what you think of these attempts.

*String them along amd basic wire twisting

*using gear/tiger tail wire and crimping.

* memory wire and its uses

* wire wrapping and bead loreals

And the journey continues.. Alongside my various crochet and knit projects 😁.

Be sure to follow me on IG (@rashmibinu_saiasmi) to be the first to see my makes as soon as I post them.

Would love to know, what you thibk of these humble attempts. Do drop in a word.. It always helps me better my attempts! 🤗


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