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Little Piggy Basket - Crochet Pattern

Updated: May 7, 2023

Animals are fun, especially for babies and kids; they form an integral part of their early development. So when you choose an animal theme for your little one's room, you make it an interactive, fun and colorful space. Here is my little contribution to your tiny tot's magical animal kingdom!

I have a fun series of animals and animal themed projects coming along. You can check this link for more in this series.

My oldest one turned 12 recently, and it got me wondering about the time he would curl up like a little froggie! This led to a nostalgic momma recounting why we called him a froggie and his little sister a kitty cat, when she came along. The result was a bunch of doodles they drew up of their favorite animal. This 'Little Piggy Basket' is the first of the series.

Made with T-shirt yarn (Super bulky weight) of about 100 - 130g (50 - 60 yards); this basket is super quick to work up. Make them as customized as you need with shades of colors, optionally embroidering the features. The pattern is customizable and adaptable. Follow the basic instructions.

Yarn sourced from: Candy Crafts

Soft toy eyes: Wool Craft Store

Alternate Yarn like Bernat Blanket Yarn works too. Click for the link.

Id love to hear your feedback about the pattern.. Drop some 💕 on Ravelry for the pattern, or leave a comment on this post, or on Ravelry/Instagram/Pinterest.

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Want to know where you can get this pattern???

You can purchase this pattern as a part of the HEY BABY Bundle Sale - 30 Pattern Bundle for just $9.99

BLOG HOP - As a promotion for the Bundle, we have a Blog Hop, where you can download this pattern for FREE, on the Day of Feature. You can follow me on my Instagram (@Rashmibinu_saiasmi), where I'll put up stories to the Day's Featured pattern each day!

Q?! How will the blog hop work? How can you download the featured pattern

Step 1 - Visit the Round up Blog, hosted on Regina Designs web page. Scroll down to the Featured pattern of the day and Copy the CODE.

Step 2 - Use the CODE in Ravelry to download the featured pattern for free. Here is the link to the Little Piggy Basket pattern.

Here are where you can find my patterns.

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This is really cute but disappointed as the code says it is expired and the 24 hours shouldn't be up yet. Should have at least 4 hours left. Any help would be greatly appreciatedl

Replying to

Thank you. The code should be working now. There was an issue with the time zone setting on Ravelry.

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