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Ellie and Lila - Yarn buddies ❤

These cute cuddlies are the perfect companion to a child. Use it as door/decor to add the name plate to your nursery.. Or just as a car buddy for those long road trips.

Just a bit larger than an adult palm .. They are just right sized for travel 😍

I have a couple of options and more coming up on the website for these cudlies. So meet Ellie the Elephant 🐘and Lila the butterfly 🦋


Ellie the Elephant - made with Nako Saten yarn .. This buddy has a soft feel and and is accessorized with a bunch of silk thread flowers... I have one color option (elephant grey) currently available and can be made to order too.

Lila the Butterfly - made with Vardhaman yarn is a colorful respite and is currently available in the color shown. It is also being made in two other color options.

Head on to the shop 🛒 and place an order with the option you are looking for/ drop a message at the Contact section ✉️ to discuss options!

Pattern credit - @spinayarn

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