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What are Plushies and Why do I ❤ making them?

Q: What is a Plushie?

* A comfort, a buddy, a companion for long rides, a trip snuggle buddy, sleepy hugs, imaginary adventures and more.

* Developing a safe haven for a child, can help them cope with small anxieties they feel.

* Friendships with toys, build memories, make life an adventure for the little minds. And make good mementos or memories for us Adults 😊

Q: Why do I ❤ making them?

It is an amazing feeling to bring a smile out in someone, to reach out and hold a small hand. This feeling is what i get when I carefully craft each little plushie. Imagining the smile or a memory it may trigger in the little hands that will hold it.

Q: Where do I find the patterns/inspiration?

I draw inspiration from the amazing #amigurumi designers like @spinayarn @chiacrafts, @dotpebbles_knits and many more.

I give credit dutifully to every pattern I use, and mention the changes I make with my version if any. Some of these patterns are Paid Patterns, collected over a period of time.

I spend a lot of time at the drawing board to determine how the plushie should look and what colors/components I want to include/exclude to make it authentically my version. Hence giving every customer with #saiasmidreamzinyarn a totally #unique product.

Q: Do you have a Personal experience with Plushies?

This worked so well with my little ones. I made an Ariel miniature, for my DD to hold on to when we made our road trip to our hometown last December, with Pandemic around us.

My older one ensured his own little piece of home stayed with him each night while he slept.

Children experience anxieties as much as we adults do. And this can be a root cause for many mood swings, silent tantrums and unexplainable nightmares. I'm quiet the strict parent, but a comfort toy is something I will never say a No to. 🤗❤

Q: How to choose a right one for my child?

It's very important to keep the colors that comfort the child and things that the child relates to. Hence along with the ready items in the SHOP, I offer an open dialogue to discuss and #customorder a perfect Plushie.

All you have to do is - head on over to the CONTACT section of the website and leave a message for me. I'm always available to take messages, and if not will revert back ASAP 😁

You can also reach out on

* Instagram - @rashmibinu_saiasmi

* Whatsapp - Click

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