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The time for lights! 


Diwali, my most favorite festival of the year… A festival of lights, full of color, and cheer. My best Diwali memories from childhood, are colorful RANGOLIs, loads of sweets, new outfits, loads of cheer, noise and drama! Basically what every kids wants, freedom.

Freedom to enjoy, live and celebrate. The years have taken away the crackers, noise and wild street revelry from our Diwali rituals, but some still remain the same (may be with a twist). Every year, a rangoli and lamps, a hanging lantern and a string of colorful led lights for the balcony, are what decorate our home. And when inspiration struck from such a simple, fond activity, something that is so close to my childhood memories, I could’nt help but capture it!

So here goes, something born of a simple Square Rangoli ,the first of many our mum thought us, growing up. The one we liked the most, given its simplicity. I give you here, the basic rangoli and what it inspired!

My Square Rangoli, is not just a crochet pattern, but a memory captured into thread. Something that will always remind me of our very first attempts at drawing that simple Rangoli/Kolam. Memories of the laughter, the trials and errors, and the jubilation on getting it right!

You canpur purchase the pattern for Simple Rangoli

at my Ravelry Store. It is also available in my Etsy shop.

Do share your comments and suggestions. They are as always, welcome! They help me learn and better myself.

Do share the love, and pass along my experiences to those who’s like it.



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