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Knit-over from 2018…

A fun friends and yarn day last year had #DiViNaRa picking up #NakoVals. Each of us decided to use it to make a special project, but knowing us, we were sure that’s a long term project. Now a special project can’t be just any random pattern now, can it? 😜

I was sure it would be a top, #knitted for me, but just couldn’t find a design I wanted to go with. After loads of deliberations and research, this is the pattern I went with.

Springtime pullover by Tian Foley & Elite Yarns.

Nako Vals – now what can i say abt the yarn.. Its just so rich in color and soft with a silky finish! Team it with bamboo knitting needles and it was a dream to knit with!

The pattern – is a simple pass of yarnover, tactically placed to give you a faux cable look. The result is a stretchy and fitting fabric that workd up pretty fast.

With 2 skeins of Nako Vals, a simple short sleevless top of was easy achieved. Planning to add a quirky touch to it, to make it my own, but here goes… The basic top – completed. 😁

I will add the additional pattern to the top and the final picture as soon as I’m done with it.

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