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Feeling a bout of Nostalgia – my journey!

When Facebook threw this memory up, for May 20th, 2012, I couldn’t help but walk down memory’s lane and relive this wonderful journey I am on.

A start of a journey, that seemed so far fetched but enticing nonetheless… And here we are!

7 yrs ago, everything seemed uphill. I had a toddler, had just decided that I would have to let go of my job as managing it all was overwhelming. It was upsetting to give up on all the hard work and good credit I had worked to achieve over all those years. I needed an outlet. Something to rediscover myself in. Somewhere, where I could feel my uniqueness. Vain! – I know! But such was my state of mind. 😜

I started small, with embroidary projects… An embroidered yoke for my sibling and a story bed-sheet for my baby’s crib…

The effect was therapeutic. I quiet enjoyed having a comforting hobby to lean back on. To relieve the stress of a busy day, or just to inspire creativity in me, that was so long forgotten behind a Computer screen. 😁

The learner in me woke up. I slowly moved to working with yarn.. re-taught myself Crochet and Knitting. Can’t be thankful enough for some of the amazing vidoes, by fellow crafters on YouTube. They inspired me to learn new terminologies, new stitches, to read patterns, techniques and more.

And February, 2014 saw me, now with a Preschooler and a second baby, accept my first ever Crochet order and SaiASmi – Dreamz in Yarn was born. And as they say, there has been no looking back. 😀

This dream journey was inspired, supported, encouraged and still is alive, because of some wonderful people in my life.

Firstly, my darling hubby – Who bears up with my ‘Yarn-trencities’ and the yarn madness around the home. He still patiently listens to my excited ranting about a new technique/ pattern/orders/or just color combinations 😁.

Toldjya, he is a total darling.. Blessed to have him.

Last but not the least… My friends… I have had many over the 3+ decades, people I have met at varied points.. But there is one thing common, that they have all been equivocally encouraging of my craft and my ‘Yarn-devours’ 😃. Blessed is my life, for having them around. As an unmoving pillar to lean on and that gentle nudge to carry on.

There we go.. My crafting journey to date… And may it ever carry on 😄.

.. Ever crafting,

Rashmi 😉

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